Enjoy the luxury hidden in ZAX chocolate.

It has been almost 4 years since we breathed life into our first praline. Since then, we have allowed you to taste many flavors - from pistachio, coffee, vanilla or mango - and although it may seem that the variety of fillings is limited, we are not afraid to push the boundaries! All this in combination with first-class ingredients, which are an absolute necessity in our business.

More than perfection

Careful hand production has become our hallmark. But there is something else that makes ZAX chocolate products so special: the extraordinary fragility and quality of the raw materials, for which we do not hesitate to travel to distant Peru or Madagascar - we guarantee this as the owners!

We are honored that our work was appreciated even by the most professional - recognized gastro professionals far beyond the borders of Slovakia. In 2020, we won a silver medal at the Acadamy of Chocolate Awards with passion fruit praline and two bronze medals at the International Chocolate Awards for candies with raspberry and salted caramel flavors.

The list of our achievements does not end here. Year after year, we participate in prestigious chocolatier competitions, which opened the door for us among the influential gastronomic elite. We don't hide our winning products, we want you to have them at your fingertips whenever you need them. They are a permanent offer in our e-shop along with a treat that you must not miss!

Do you also like to reward yourself after work?

If you want something special, just reach for handmade and painted ZAX candies, which will transport you to a completely different dimension within a few seconds. Don't put off your sweet luxury for later, there is still something to celebrate in life. Yes, even a normal working day!