We have a gem at home: the best praline in the world comes from southern Slovakia!

Our family business based in Komárno created the best filled pralines in the world! By succeeding in the prestigious Great Taste Award 2022* competition, we have earned an elite place in the world of gastronomy! 

The jury with the most demanding palate coming from the ranks of food critics, chefs, creators and gastro columnists blind tasted thousands of samples, not knowing the packaging or marketing background. In the "filled chocolates" category, a winner from Slovakia was chosen, with a praline that no one ever made before. 

It is the own recipe of our chocolatier Zuzka Vargová, who is the absolute number one in her field. She makes chocolate bars, pralines, dragées and spreads exclusively from the highest quality ingredients without artificial colors or flavors. The origin of the ingredients used is also interesting – vanilla comes from Madagascar, almonds from the USA and Sicily, fruit puree from France, and cocoa beans from distant South America and Africa.

"I built my experience at workshops with leading French and American chocolate masters. I improved my practical skills at the Academy of Chocolate. The passion for chocolate helped me overcome even the most difficult, initial periods. It took up to ten years before ZAX pralines came to life," says Zuzka, for whom making sweets was initially just a pleasant hobby. 


The breakthrough came by accident when she received a chocolate-making course as a gift. "I was enchanted. I have always loved handmade decorated desserts." She worked diligently and with high quality until the first success came. "My philosophy is to create pralines with traditional fillings, but at the same time they must be innovative and still delicious," she reveals, pointing to the artistically hand-painted ZAX pralines, which have already found their fan base abroad. 

Those who have tasted the products from our workshop on the banks of the Danube know that it is worth paying extra for a sweet experience. ZAX products are not cheap, but the pleasure is worth it! "We create truly premium chocolate. Our products are very demanding on craftsmanship, but all these aspects are known and appreciated by our customers." The flagship of ZAX's portfolio of premium products is a unique collection of pralines that are truly a work of art..

*Great Taste Awards is the largest and most trusted awards ceremony in the world in the "food and drink" category. It is a guarantee of 100% quality and original taste among foods. Products are rewarded with gold stars by a jury based solely on their taste and quality which catapulted the Slovak chocolatier ZAX to the world's gastro elite! 

Out of more than 14,000 samples from all over the world, ZAX received the highest award in its category. 

A collection of all luxurious ZAX sweet delicacies, as well as the award-winning chocolate specialty in an elegant box, can be purchased in our e-shop www.zaxchoco.com