Quality has always been and will be our highest priority, we explain why

Whether you will remember this or that chocolate depends on its quality. In our workshop
we work exclusively with top ingredients, which we do not hesitate to use
to travel to the end of the world.

We want you to get not only a dessert, but also a real one when you open a ZAX box of chocolates
experience. That's why for years we have followed the principle that when it comes to gastro luxury, it must be
made only from the best, proven raw materials. On the way to perfection
we don't take shortcuts. The cocoa beans we work with come directly from Juzna
America and Africa, vanilla from Madagascar, hazelnuts from Piedmont and almonds from
California or the Mediterranean. We also do not neglect building good relations with
suppliers who have been guarantors of honest production processes for us for years and

We do not compromise

Our chocolatier Zuzka and her sweet team create each candy by hand. texture,
design, but also the durability of chocolate play an important role in production. About how
the taste and appearance of the final product is determined by the nature of the cocoa beans.
The taste of a precisely made candy is richer, more intense and harmonious. if it is
additionally supported by fresh or freeze-dried fruit or selected nuts,
you will never forget the experience.

The appearance of candies is at least as important as their smell and taste. The use
of first-class ingredients will also ensure the right color and silky surface
the texture of pralines that literally melt on the tongue.

Don't waste your time on something that doesn't bring you joy

ZAX carries only the best! Whether you like milky, bitter or are a fan
white chocolate, we guarantee a high standard together with an individual approach according to
your needs. Send your quote request to info@zaxchoco.com. We look forward to