What does the joy of life taste like at ZAX?

It has been almost ten years since the idea of ​​making chocolate arose in our kitchen
premium quality. Although a lot has changed for us, we have never changed our decision
they didn't regret it. Because if your dream becomes a profession, nothing can go wrong.
Managed to. We have been trained by important chocolatiers and gradually
they started making small confections on their own. It wasn't long before we were looking forward to it
from a success that we had not even dreamed of until then. 

We continued to dream, this time big
We worked hard, sparing no money, time and energy to get ours on the shelves
stores displayed only flawless and eye-pleasing products. Weekend or holiday, door
they never close in our workshop. We are constantly creating new and new designs, mixing
original flavors and thanks to the unique design and quality that has become ours
identification mark, we dared to reach the top.

Persistence, determination and the desire to constantly bring something original brought us to
list of internationally awarded chocolate producers, but that's it for us
it doesn't end. We continue to innovate, develop and create, and are motivated to take on more
bold projects combining unknown flavors, combinations and unforgettable
Yogurt-raspberry combination or cocoa-coconut combination with red
with wine... Are you in the mood for our chocolate collections?

We offer many pralines
or bar chocolates that promise a breathtaking experience. Because we believe that everyone
he deserves a little luxury from us!
ZAX is the perfect gift

Sneak elegance into your everyday life and turn any moment into
an extraordinary experience. Yes, this is the philosophy of the ZAX brand: to have delicious sweets on hand
on any weekday! Getting to our collections is easy - you can find them
in the ZAX Shop in Komárno or in the e-shop www.zaxchoco.com. Package in design
according to your preferences, we will deliver directly to your door.

Dare to fulfill your dreams and enjoy life with divine ZAX sweets!