What secrets do ZAX bar chocolates hide?

Did you know that bar chocolates are made thanks to Swiss and British manufacturers
first discovered in the 19th century? The flavor or structure of the first table is unknown, but
given the progress, it is obvious which one we would like better compared to today.
It was not always possible to make premium chocolates from high-quality ingredients. About that
we value current possibilities, available technology and, last but not least, knowledge,
thanks to which we can bring our customers products of the highest quality.

An eternal classic

Bar chocolates are an undeniable part of history, and in our workshop they are
special representation. We color, fill and pack every single piece by hand - all the time
we create new tastes and shapes in the sense of current world trends, we follow the market and
we are looking for intersections connecting traditional elements with new - hitherto unknown

Divine goodness

In our offer you will find classic tables, but also unusual formats made from them
the highest quality raw materials in the world. The uniqueness of milk, white, caramelized,
One hundred percent gluten-free or filled tables are ensured by innovative hand painting - also
therefore, we highly recommend them not only for personal moments of well-being, but also as an elegant one
a gift.

Taste a mixture of special flavor variations and chocolate textures like nowhere else
you won't find anywhere else. Fluffy nougat or strawberry cream in 3D design or perfect
the interplay of crunchy raspberries and dark chocolate awaits you only in our stores
or in the e-shop www.zaxchoco.com.