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Unique ZAX products are the best corporate gifts

You will not find two identical corporate gifts with us

ZAX selections of chocolates and pralines are perfect corporate gifts. You can serve delicious, premium chocolate to your guests, customers and employees in packaging that can be completely customized to the image of the company or event.

Wide sortiment: You can choose from a wide range of custom ZAX chocolates, including pralines (boxes from 2 to 100 pieces), chocolate bars, champagnes, dragees and combination packs.

Painted chocolate: On request, we will uniquely paint pralines and chocolate bars in your style

Custom packaging: We will adapt the packaging to the image of your company or event

Planning: We can take care of creative design and creation of unique pralines and packaging

Delivery: On request, we will deliver our parcels to you by GLS, courier or refrigerated truck

Corporate gifts

Packaging with your logo

We print custom logos and design on our packages starting from one piece. Free customization for more than 50 items. We can paint our pralines to match the packaging.

Unique packaging

If you are looking for a complete solution, we customize our packages to your company or event image. We manufacture completely unique packages starting from 200 items and offer free custom packaging over 500 items

gift packages

We offer completely custom combination of items put in an elegant gift box limited only by your imagination.

How to order company gifts?

Box selection: Choose the right size gift package for you

Choice of chocolate: Choose the flavors and colors you prefer

Logo: Decide whether you want a logo (logo, text, image) or a completely unique package design.

Contact us using the form below or email/ call on the contacts listed.

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